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60249 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 60249.

You may see this phone number on your Caller ID in these given formats:

+4460249+44 6024960249+44-60249


Many users have reported receiving texts from "Barclays Team" asking them to reply 'yes' for various reasons. Some users were unsure if the messages were genuine, while others suspected a scam. Barclays confirmed that some messages were legitimate, but advised that users should ignore them if they don't require assistance. Some users have been charged for replying to premium-rate numbers. Barclays urges customers to be cautious and confirm the sender's identity before responding.

Commentators providing their views on this phone number commonly reference these words:

barclays barclays bank uk yes barclays team barclaycard eea european economic area team at south wales
Number Of Searches: 190 Number Of Comments: 19 First Seen: 04 March 2020 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Adstock(Buckinghamshire), Currock(Cumbria) and Old Ditch(Somerset).

60249 has 19 comments of which 6 x neutral and 13 x negative


User Comments about 60249

4 years

Fraud: They will deceive you into providing money, following up with a cold call after a few days.

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