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60224 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 60224.

The Caller ID for this phone number may be displayed in the following ways:

+4460224+44 6022460224+44-60224


Users have received texts from companies like Direct Line, Green Flag, and Nationwide, asking for a review or discussing policy matters. Some were charged for replying, causing suspicion and dissatisfaction. While some received refunds, others were wary of the premium-rate charges. Some users never had dealings with the companies that texted them. Overall, users are cautious about premium-rate text replies and prefer clear communication about any associated costs.

The main words referenced by individuals discussing this phone number cover:

direct line green flag direct line pet insurance volkswagen car insurance united kingdom churchill nationwide building society green flag insurance uk - insurance nationwide
Number Of Searches: 211 Number Of Comments: 11 First Seen: 25 May 2015 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Broughton in Furness(Cumbria), Great Easton(Essex), Popham(Devon), Stonehouse(South Lanarkshire) and Wheatcroft(Derbyshire).

60224 has 11 comments of which 6 x neutral and 3 x negative and 2 x positive


User Comments about 60224

6 years

I am reviewing the call with Direct Line, but I am unsure if there will be any charges associated with it.

tagsDirect Line
6 years

Do not choose Volkswagen Car Insurance

tagsVolkswagen Car Insurance
6 years

Direct Line is an insurance company that operates in the United Kingdom.

tagsDirect LineUnited Kingdom
6 years

Direct Line is seeking a review of a recent phone call. They will not respond to a premium rate text service. It's their loss.

tagsDirect Line
6 years

We just received a similar message from Direct Line. We already have insurance and have not cancelled it, as the text falsely implies. In fact, we haven't even made a phone call to them!

tagsDirect Line
7 years

This is a survey from Nationwide Building Society. There are no charges for calling this number. Feel free to participate.

tagsNationwide Building Society
7 years

I was asked to participate in a satisfaction survey that had 4 questions. However, I haven't received any online service from any company, so I am choosing to ignore it.

7 years

They are claiming to be from Nationwide and saying they want to discuss my request to change my policy. I don't have any policies with them, nor have I ever contacted them.

8 years

I don't have a small bag!

9 years

I received an SMS message from Direct Line Pet Insurance, which is completely valid as I have had interactions with them regarding my pet insurance policy.

tagsDirect Line Pet Insurance
9 years

Received a legitimate SMS from Direct Line Insurance regarding our extensive dealings with them regarding issues related to our pet insurance policy. Everything is in order.

tagsDirect Line Insurance

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