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60179 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 60179.

This phone number may appear on your Caller ID as:

+4460179+44 6017960179+44-60179


Users have received texts from 60179, some believe it's from Barclays, while others suspect a scam. Legitimacy concerns include generic greetings, lack of personalization, and premium-rate reply costs. However, some users have confirmed its authenticity after contacting Barclays directly. Barclays should improve communication as users find these texts unsettling and confusing, increasing susceptibility to actual scams.

The main words mentioned by individuals referencing this phone number are:

barclays barclays bank johnny barclays premier service barclays app team barclays premier team barclays team
Number Of Searches: 52 Number Of Comments: 29 First Seen: 20 July 2019 General Reputation: positive

This number has recently been searched from Clipsham(Rutland), Harelaw(Durham) and Water Houses(North Yorkshire).

60179 has 29 comments of which 10 x negative and 3 x neutral and 16 x positive


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