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60133 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 60133.

Your Caller ID might have this phone number displayed in these various formats:

+4460133+44 6013360133+44-60133


Users report receiving unsolicited texts from phone number 60133, incurring charges of £1.50-£4.50 per message. Some users are uncertain how they subscribed to this service. One user's bank details were accessed, though it's unclear if this was related. Many have contacted their providers to block further charges and report the issue. There are complaints about multiple charges over several months. A few users mention dealing with "Dealzshakes" or "Payphone Plus." Some have successfully unsubscribed by texting "STOP" to 60133.

Individuals giving their thoughts on this phone number often mention these words:

sky dealzshake stop paypal google o2 payphone plus
Number Of Searches: 398 Number Of Comments: 23 First Seen: 08 May 2014 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Antingham(Norfolk), Llaneuddog(Anglesey/Sir Fon), Mere Heath(Cheshire), Samlesbury(Lancashire) and South Perrott(Dorset).

60133 has 23 comments of which 12 x negative and 11 x neutral


User Comments about 60133

6 months

complete plagiarism

7 months

This is a scam. It's called 60133.

7 months

This is a scam, referred to as 60133.

1 year

Please stop.

1 year

Report this premium text messaging service, as they have been operating under various names for several years.

1 year

I haven't made any calls, and they haven't called me either. However, I have been charged £72.25 over a span of 6 months.

2 years

This is a fraudulent scheme.

2 years

Unknown origin premium rate texts Premium rate texts of unknown origin Texts of unknown origin with a premium rate

2 years

I have been charged by 60133 dealzshakes £1.25 for receiving a text message! Please send a text saying STOP to unsubscribe. This should prevent any further charges.

2 years

This is a money-making game that currently has your bank details or PayPal account, so please be extremely vigilant.

2 years

How can I stop the continuous withdrawal of money from my account?

2 years

Just like the others, dealzshake is a platform I am unfamiliar with.

2 years

Like others, dealshake is just as good, whoever they may be.

2 years

O2 charged me 15 times on my bill, with a total of 601.33.

2 years

I'm fed up with this terrible number that keeps charging me for text messages I haven't sent! It's infuriating. How can I get rid of or block this number from my mobile phone?

2 years

DealzShake is charging £1.50 per text from your mobile account through the short text number 60133. To put an end to this, immediate action is necessary.

8 years

We're in the same boat. However, we only receive messages and not calls. Do these individuals incur costs for you?

8 years

I am unfamiliar with the identity of this individual, but it appears that this expense amounts to £4.50 per week.

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