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0983002 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0983002.

You may see this phone number on your Caller ID in one of the following ways:

+440983002+44 09830020983002+44-0983002


Users report receiving calls from this number claiming to be from BT, stating there are issues with their internet. Some recipients do not have BT internet and suspect it is a scam. Callers are described as having a foreign accent, likely from a noisy Indian call center. The scam may involve remote computer access. Recipients are advised to verify with their internet provider before taking any action. It is a cause for concern, especially for vulnerable people.

People sharing their thoughts on this phone number often refer to these words:

bt the times
Number Of Searches: 277 Number Of Comments: 2 First Seen: 11 May 2016 General Reputation: neutral

This number has recently been searched from Abingworth(West Sussex), Handforth(Cheshire), Maidenbower(West Sussex), Martletwy(Pembrokeshire) and Woodthorpe(North Yorkshire).

0983002 has 2 comments of which 2 x neutral


User Comments about 0983002

7 years

A gentleman from a different country approached my computer, informing me about an issue I was experiencing with my internet. He identified himself as a BT representative.

8 years

I received two calls today from a number where the person on the line claimed to be calling from BT. They said they had discovered issues with my internet usage. I was sceptical about their claims because I don't even have BT internet.


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