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09095569786 is a valid (Premium Rate) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0909.

You might encounter this phone number on your Caller ID in these given formats:

+449095569786+44 909 556 97860909 556 9786+44-909-556-9786

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User comments mention receiving a text message from different numbers asking to call back a premium rate number to retrieve a voicemail from Sara or opt out of marketing. Some users report not having received a phone call before the text message. Users report the text message doesn't mention a cost to opt out of marketing calls and that the emails provided in the text messages are from non-existent companies or websites. Users mention being charged £6 plus the standard network rate when calling the premium rate number and that the scam is dangerous and should be avoided.

Here are the standout words mentioned by individuals talking about this phone number:

sara sarah pep guardiola london ee jen united kingdom laura phone - paid services authority scammers
Number Of Searches: 138 Number Of Comments: 47 First Seen: 08 August 2020 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Great Cowden(North Yorkshire), Kirkthorpe(West Yorkshire), Llanvair-Discoed(Newport) and Wilkin Throop(Somerset).

09095569786 has 47 comments of which 40 x negative and 7 x neutral


User Comments about 09095569786

4 years

Clear any messages immediately upon their appearance and delete them.

4 years

Beware of scammers making premium rate phone calls as it can be highly risky. It is advisable not to answer or respond to such calls.

4 years

Just as fraudulent as Pep Guardiola is

tagsPep Guardiola
4 years

I have absolutely no idea who Sara is or what she wants, but I kindly request her to kindly leave me alone.

4 years

Received a text message that wasn't preceded by a phone call, indicating it could be a scam. It seems very suspicious and untrustworthy.

4 years

Just like what others have mentioned, I have received a voicemail from Sara.

4 years

It has been mentioned that Sara left a voice message.

4 years

I have received a text similar to the previous comments.

4 years

Beware of fraudulent schemes

4 years

I've just received a message from this number. Residing in London, it seems that they will continue sending messages unless I pay £6 to unsubscribe?

4 years

I received a text similar to the one from the previous sender about a voicemail from Sara at 22:09 last night. I am not familiar with Sara, so I won't be falling for that trick!


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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 09095569786, it will cost you between between £1.00 to £3.60 per minute on landline and between between £1.00 to £3.60 per minute on mobile. Additionally, there might be a connection charge between between £0.05 to £6.00. Calls to this number might also result in access charges between £0.08 to £0.67 per minute.

About 09 Numbers

Premium rate numbers are often used for a range of services like TV voting, horoscopes, contests, chat lines, adult services, recorded information, and professional consultation. If you desire, you can prevent these numbers from being dialed from your phone, just like you can with other numbers. Additionally, these kinds of numbers are overseen by the Phone-paid Services Authority.

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