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0909556000 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 909556000.

The layout of this phone number on your Caller ID may vary, such as:

+44909556000+44 909556000909556000+44-909556000


Users report receiving texts from different names with a request to call a number to retrieve a voicemail. The number provided appears to be a premium rate number, which can cost up to £3.60 per minute and/or £6.00 per call. Some users expressed suspicion about the authenticity of the messages, while others found it amusing. It is advised to be cautious when receiving similar texts and to verify the sender's identity before calling any unfamiliar numbers.

Below are the main words spoken by commentators talking about this phone number:

donna georgina laura helen louise jenny
Number Of Searches: 372 Number Of Comments: 5 First Seen: 07 September 2020 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Elston(Nottinghamshire), Nether Headon(Nottinghamshire), St Mawes(Cornwall) and Ufton Nervet(Berkshire).

0909556000 has 5 comments of which 2 x negative and 3 x neutral


User Comments about 0909556000

3 years

Received a text instructing to contact Louise on a specific number for a voicemail. It is suspected to be a premium or similar type of number. Believed to be a fraudulent activity.

3 years

Received a text message with a request to contact Donna. To unsubscribe, please send an email to [email protected] Phone calls will be charged at £6, in addition to the regular network fees.

3 years

I recently received a message requesting that I call a certain person named Georgina to listen to a voicemail. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the text.

4 years

I was texted a request to check a message from Laura. However, I did not call the number provided.

4 years

I got a message instructing me to call this number to listen to a voicemail left by Laura.


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