08082801101 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0808.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+448082801101+44 808 280 11010808 280 1101+44-808-280-1101

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

santander uk amazon swansea santander bank uk nhs tps post office deliveroo italy

This number has recently been searched from Doun Charlabhaigh(Western Isles), Hebden(North Yorkshire) and Udley(Somerset).

08082801101 has 69 comments of which 35 x negative and 12 x neutral and 22 x positive


User Comments about 08082801101

There have been persistent scam calls from this number, pretending to be from Santander bank.

Beware of this clever scam and avoid pressing any three-digit numbers. Please disregard any#### as they are not real.

Always verify before making a call, but it is worth noting that 0808 280 1101 is a Santander contact number.

It is advisable to verify before calling, but 0808 280 1101 is a contact number for Santander.

This is a valid Santander number linked to the fraud department. Initially, I logged into my Santander account using the chat link and was then connected to a team member. I did review this site, but I didn't scroll down far enough to find the entry that reassured me.

This is a legitimate Santander phone number linked to their fraud department. Initially, I logged into my Santander account using the chat link and was subsequently connected to a team member. While I did visit this site, I neglected to scroll down far enough to find the information that reassured me.


Are you referring to the bank Santander?

There is an impressive scam that includes all the essential information. This scam typically starts with a text message, followed by a separate message, and eventually a phone call. It's best not to return the call, as it can be quite expensive.

After receiving several text messages on the same subject, I got a phone call from them regarding fraudulent activity. In the call, I was asked to enter my 3-digit CVC number on the phone. However, I decided to hang up at that point.

I received a legitimate call from Santander's fraud line, in which they asked me about an attempt by Amazon to charge £95 for my Amazon Prime subscription. I verified the authenticity of the call by using Santander's online chat service instead of calling them back after checking this website. Santander confirmed that the call was indeed genuine.

They frequently make repeated phone calls, sometimes two or more in one day. I wonder if Santander has been notified that their bank is being used to facilitate this scam?

I received two calls from an automated voice claiming to be Santander. The recording asked me to press a number, even though I don't have an account with them. However, my husband does. Despite this, I still believe it is a scam.

My daughter received a phone call from an automated voice informing her about some problems with her bank account. The voice provided a number for her to call back. I contacted her and she told me that she had also received the same call on her mobile phone.

Santander is a banking institution.

I heard a recorded female voice providing the complete name of the householder's wife. I doubt its authenticity, so I chose not to press any numbers as instructed by the recorded voice to continue the call. Moreover, I find it unlikely that a bank would call on a Saturday night. Another indication that this is a scam is that entering the number on the computer directed me to this site instead of Santander.

Call the number on the back of the card before answering, as it is Santander.

Beware, this is a fraudulent scheme. They are even focusing their efforts on websites like this, giving counterfeit phone numbers positive reviews. Avoid clicking on anything or disclosing any personal information. Remember, this is not Santander.

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