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08003680809 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

Variations of this phone number may appear on your Caller ID as:

+448003680809+44 800 368 08090800 368 0809+44-800-368-0809

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Users report receiving frequent calls and messages from this number, many stating it is a scam. Callers claim to be from companies such as O2 or tech firms, offering discounts or promotions. Some users experienced calls in multiple languages and heavy accents. The police have been informed and advise reporting to Action Fraud and sharing awareness on social media. One user mentions the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds due to this scam. Some users report hanging up and blocking the number, while others engaged in conversation before realizing it was a scam.

The regularly used words linked with this phone number include:

pc world action fraud ana vodafone o2 curry
Number Of Searches: 172 Number Of Comments: 10 First Seen: 13 June 2023 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Broomedge(Cheshire), Edingale(Staffordshire), Geshader(Western Isles) and Thorpe Latimer(Lincolnshire).

08003680809 has 10 comments of which 7 x neutral and 3 x negative


User Comments about 08003680809

6 months

A person called my mobile, but unfortunately the call got disconnected and they didn't leave a message when it went to voicemail. It's quite frustrating.

6 months

Today, I received a phone call from a woman with an Indian accent. Unfortunately, I couldn't comprehend anything she said, so I ended the call and added her number to my blocked list.

6 months

Is the question about receiving a call from an unknown number and suspecting it might be a scam?

6 months

Certainly a hoax call.

6 months

An Indian woman exclaiming loudly: "I ended the call! Blocked them and reported it by texting 7726."

6 months

There is a prevalent deceitful tactic wherein scam artists frequently pose as tech companies. It is important to remain cautious of this type of activity.

6 months

The caller, who said they had police approval, seemed to be promoting a product or service.

8 months

A call was received today, but no message was left.

9 months

Received a call from a woman with an Asian accent claiming to be from o2. It's clear that it's a scam since I have no previous interactions with them.

9 months

A lady with an Asian accent introduced herself as Ana and claimed to be phoning from O2.


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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 08003680809, it will be free of charge on both mobile and landline.

About 0800 Numbers

Various companies use Freephone numbers, with phone calls being without charges from all residential landlines and cell phones. However, if you're calling from a business phone, you might need to contact your service provider to determine if charges could be imposed for dialing 0800 or 0808 numbers.

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