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08003680700 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

Your Caller ID may exhibit this phone number displayed in these various formats:

+448003680700+44 800 368 07000800 368 0700+44-800-368-0700

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A phone number, possibly linked to a company named Aqua or Newday Cards, has been contacting individuals via text message and calls. Some recipients suspect it may be a scam due to the use of an unlisted number, a person answering instead of an automated system, and background noise during calls. The messages and calls concern payment arrangements ending soon and prompt recipients to call the number provided. Recipients are advised to verify the identity and legitimacy of the caller before sharing any personal information.

The key words uttered by people discussing this phone number are:

aqua aqua credit card aqua card newday newday cards itd
Number Of Searches: 147 Number Of Comments: 6 First Seen: 15 March 2016 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Abhainn Bruachaig(Highland), Ashfold Side(North Yorkshire), Knockmany(County Tyrone), Lower Stratton(Somerset) and Mottram St Andrew(Cheshire).

08003680700 has 6 comments of which 4 x negative and 2 x neutral


User Comments about 08003680700

3 years

I received a text message from this number stating that my payment arrangements with Newday are going to end soon, and they are requesting me to call them in order to discuss further.

5 years

They mentioned that they were aqua, but it seemed like they were speaking from someone's back room with the television playing in the background.

7 years

Purporting to represent Aqua Card

tagsAqua Card
7 years

There is a scam going on claiming to be Newday Cards Itd, also known as Aqua Card.

tagsNewday Cards ItdAqua Card
8 years

There was no response.

8 years

This call was from Aqua. We have previously blocked their other phone numbers, but this one managed to make it through to the callminder via "Voice Text". I have no idea what that means!


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About 0800 Numbers

Various entities use Freephone numbers, with calls being free of cost from all consumer landlines and mobiles. However, if you're calling from a business phone, you might need to consult your provider to check if fees may apply for dialing 0800 or 0808 numbers.

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