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08003589760 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

Your Caller ID could showcase this phone number in a different way, such as:

+448003589760+44 800 358 97600800 358 9760+44-800-358-9760

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Users report receiving multiple calls from this number, often from different last four digits, suggesting it's a telemarketing campaign. Some claim the callers have Indian or Asian accents and hang up or don't speak when answered. There are also reports of silent voicemails and calls during school hours. A few users mention being offered deals from Three Mobile. Some have identified the number as Helpline, a company that contacts executors for emergency panic buzzers after an elderly person's death. Users express frustration and plan to block the number.

The primary words spoken by users discussing this phone number cover:

three india three mobile helpline
Number Of Searches: 357 Number Of Comments: 30 First Seen: 04 May 2014 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Burley Gate(Herefordshire) and Caledon(County Tyrone).

08003589760 has 30 comments of which 29 x neutral and 1 x negative


User Comments about 08003589760

8 years

I don't respond to calls from unfamiliar numbers, and I have already blocked this particular one.

8 years

"Three o'clock."

8 years

Who is calling me from this number?

8 years

I believe I received a call from India, but I could not understand them. I will not answer any further calls. My contract still has 18 more months remaining!

9 years

I have been receiving calls from this number while I am at school, and it has happened at least four times.

9 years

I received a call where they asked to speak to me specifically and subsequently ended the call abruptly. I will proceed to block them.

9 years

A telemarketer called me on behalf of Three, attempting to sell me a new mobile phone.

9 years

You can contact Helpline, a company that provides emergency panic buzzers that automatically call an ambulance when an elderly patient requires assistance. However, it can be bothersome when they repeatedly call to request the return of these buzzer devices after the elderly person has passed away. This constant daily calling can be quite irritating. Caller: Hello, is this Helpline?

9 years

I received a second missed call from an 0800 number, along with other missed calls.

9 years

Please continue calling me as I did pick up the phone when you called before, but unfortunately, the other person abruptly ended the call.

10 years

(telemarketers) They have called me multiple times and they refuse to stop - I have blocked their number.

10 years

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