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08003589567 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

The Caller ID for this phone number might appear in the following ways:

+448003589567+44 800 358 95670800 358 9567+44-800-358-9567

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A phone number has been repeatedly calling users, often ringing multiple times in a short period. When users answer, there is no one on the line or the call is immediately disconnected. Some users have received voicemails that sound like a call center in the background. There are also reports of the number being used in an attempt to scam users by posing as eBay customer support and trying to change passwords and gain access to personal details. Some users have identified the calls as coming from three different sales teams. The calls are considered annoying and many users have chosen to block the number.

Number Of Searches: 98 Number Of Comments: 14 First Seen: 10 September 2014 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Eilean Dubh(Argyll and Bute), Penmayne(Cornwall), Plumstead(Greater London) and Sandhill(Buckinghamshire).

08003589567 has 14 comments of which 2 x negative and 11 x neutral and 1 x positive


User Comments about 08003589567

2 years

I am sorry to inform you that someone attempted to access your eBay account by masquerading as customer support. They aimed to change your password and gain access to your payment information.

2 years

This is a scam phone number. They attempted to change my eBay password in order to obtain personal information.

7 years

This number called three times in 10 minutes but there was no response when I answered! It was a waste of my time. What a disappointment.

7 years

I simply lure them in by feigning interest in what they are offering, and then ultimately dismiss them. It is quite amusing to waste their time for as long as I can.

8 years

You are being contacted by three different sales teams who have special offers for you. It is a harmless interaction, but it can be irritating.

8 years

Today at 10:27 am, someone phoned me, but they hung up when I answered.

8 years

I have received 14 calls in the last two days from numbers 08003584605 and 08003583497. I have chosen to decline these calls and block these numbers.

8 years

There appears to be three mobiles.

8 years

Who made the call at 7?

8 years

I keep receiving continuous calls from this number and others like it.

9 years

I responded to the phone call, but it quickly disconnected.

9 years

I've received two calls from this number today. On both occasions, a voicemail was left, but nobody spoke. However, I could hear the background noise of a call centre. It's quite frustrating.

10 years

The telephone rings, but when answered, no one is on the line. This has happened two days in a row now!

10 years

When the telephone rings and there is nobody on the line, it is answered.

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