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08003589463 is a valid (Free To Call) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

Your Caller ID might display this phone number differently, such as:

+448003589463+44 800 358 94630800 358 9463+44-800-358-9463

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Several users report receiving frequent calls from individuals claiming to be from PayPal. Some were asked to provide personal information, while others were told there were issues with their account. Users were unsure of the legitimacy of these calls and expressed concern. A few users mentioned receiving calls from an Irish or Indian accent. One user confirmed a genuine contact from PayPal Working Capital. Users were advised to contact PayPal directly to verify any potential issues.

Individuals voicing their opinions on this phone number regularly use the following words:

paypal paypal working capital caller paypal financial services
Number Of Searches: 84 Number Of Comments: 9 First Seen: 01 July 2019 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Colt Hill(Hampshire) and Holtby(North Yorkshire).

08003589463 has 9 comments of which 2 x negative and 7 x neutral


User Comments about 08003589463

2 years

When you pick up, all you hear is silence on the other end of the line; no words, just nothingness.

2 years

They persistently call but never leave a message.

2 years

I receive PayPal calls as frequently as six times within a day!

3 years

constantly ringing despite having no idea

3 years

I'm not sure. I received five phone calls today.

3 years

The individuals claimed to be representatives of PayPal.

3 years

Present yourself as a representative of PayPal.

5 years

PayPal Financial Services: Debt Collection inquiries.

tagsPayPal Financial Services
5 years

PayPal have left a voicemail.


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