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0800 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0800.

When this phone number pops up on your Caller ID, it might be in one of these formats:

+440800+44 08000800+44-0800


Many users have reported receiving calls from the phone number in question, with several mentioning it is a scam. Reported issues include fraudsters pretending to be from banks, HMRC, or other organizations, claiming suspicious activity or requiring personal information. Some users mention automated messages or recorded calls. One user mentioned a possible phishing attempt. The number is also associated with unwanted sales calls and potential NI number fraud. Some users report the number as 08007613362, confirming multiple users have received calls from this number.

The key words voiced by individuals commenting on this phone number include:

canon dwp hmrc national insurance newday mbna amex uk national sky
Number Of Searches: 109 Number Of Comments: 52 First Seen: 11 March 2014 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Bryngwyn(Ceredigion), Illeray(Western Isles) and Obley(Shropshire).

0800 has 52 comments of which 2 x positive and 27 x neutral and 23 x negative


User Comments about 0800

5 days

This particular number is Three and can be used with confidence.

5 months

I have been contacted by 0800 052 1251 twice this week, and on both occasions, a voicemail was left without any message being conveyed.

5 months

Beware of the number 0800106107 - it is being used for scamming purposes.

7 months

I received a phone call from 08008021485, but I didn't answer because I wasn't expecting any calls except from people in my contacts list.

7 months

08005978627 - Telephone Number

8 months

I received a call from the number 08009020217 on my mobile phone.

10 months

The caller would hang up as soon as I picked up the phone.

1 year

They said they were calling from a UK mobile and then inquired about my mobile provider. They ended the call abruptly, and I blocked their number.

1 year

I received a call from Nationwide informing me that someone had attempted to withdraw money from my account. However, I realized it was a scam because it was just a recording.

2 years

Fortunately, I did not provide any of my details to him. Apparently, RBS clearly blocked him.

2 years

Cruise Club After Sales Scam Beware of the Cruise Club After Sales Scam.

2 years

I received a text message from someone claiming to be Newday (Aqua) on 08007074147. I called Newday directly, and they confirmed that this was a scam and not their company.

2 years

Fraudulent phone call claiming that your Amazon account is about to be closed.

2 years

A fake message from an unfamiliar number pretending to be MBNA, asking to contact them on 0800 707 4147.

2 years

Hello. It seems to be a Sky-related phone number.

2 years

Received a text message pretending to be from AMEX saying that I had requested to close my account. Realized it was a scam, ignored and deleted it, then reported it to Amex.

2 years

I received a text from this number, 0800 51 41 31, claiming to be from QVC. Is it a scam?

2 years

The call was from 08000338055. No one picked up.

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