07853469123 is a valid (Mobile) United Kingdom Phone Number and it belongs to Three. It has a prefix of 07853. The area code 07853 originates from United Kingdom.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+447853469123+44 7853 46912307853 469123+44-7853-469123

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

nhs india manchester covid national health service nh england co nhs covid nsh covid

This number has recently been searched from Abbey Dore(Herefordshire), Birch Green(Lancashire), Skerryford(Pembrokeshire) and Stixwould(Lincolnshire).

07853469123 has 79 comments of which 26 x neutral and 53 x negative


User Comments about 07853469123

I received two calls from this number today, but they didn't leave a message either time. After reading these comments, I have decided to block the number.

I don't recognize this number, 07851320123. I just verified it, and once again, it appears to be a scam.


I received a telephone call from an Indian man who claimed to be from the NHS. He inquired about any COVID symptoms or serious health concerns I may have. I noticed that he repeatedly responded with "that is good" regardless of my answers. He then asked about my secondary health insurance and requested information about the provider, mentioning that he needed it for a report as individuals with COVID were not receiving compensation. At this stage, I became fed up and informed him that he was not affiliated with the NHS, to which he insisted otherwise, claiming he was based in Manchester. I promptly ended the call and will be blocking the number he called from. It's important to remember not to share personal information with these individuals.

I received a phone call from this number. It was an Indian man who claimed to be from the NSH Covid team, but he did not have my full name. He asked if anyone in the household had Covid symptoms and inquired about our insurance. Since I grew increasingly frustrated with his constant "that is good" responses, I decided to end the call. It is clear that this call was a scam. Please be cautious and avoid answering such calls.

A woman from India attempted to scam me over the phone by taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation. She knew my previous postal code and asked for my new address. When I confronted her about her intentions, she abruptly ended the call.

A man from India called claiming to be from the NHS. He asked me COVID-related questions but did not inquire about my address. Instead, he only mentioned that I should consider getting life insurance, but he didn't provide any offers. It was a very strange conversation! I presume I'll receive another call soon, this time with potential life insurance options.

A female caller identifying herself as being from the NHS in India phoned and asked about my family members who may have COVID symptoms. To verify her identity, I requested that she call me back from the official NHS 0800 number. Furthermore, I asked her not to contact me again. Her voice gave the impression that she was calling from a pub.

A man from India called me regarding updating my information on the NHS. He mentioned an outdated postcode that I lived in back in 2012. To confirm if he was really calling from the NHS, I questioned him, making him increasingly uncomfortable with my persistence. When he started repeating the same answers repeatedly, I decided to end the call. I am familiar with these scammers as I have watched numerous scam videos on YouTube, and I can easily detect their tactics. It is important for everyone to be cautious and avoid falling for such scams. Stay alert!

A woman with a strong Indian accent contacted me from this phone number and claimed to be from the National Health Service (NHS). She was checking if anyone in my household had experienced any symptoms of Covid-19. I questioned her about proving her identity as an NHS representative, and she mentioned having an ID number. To verify her claims, I decided to investigate further and opted not to return the call after conducting my research.

I recently received a call from this number, 07853469123, and my phone alerted me that it might be a fraud. After reading the comments on this platform, I now understand why.

Received a call at 9:36am. The caller ended the call as soon as I picked up. Attempted to return the call, but the number would not accept incoming calls. It's possible that the number was fake, I'm not sure how they manage to do that.

I received a phone call 10 minutes ago from a number claiming to be "National Service" in Manchester. The call was from an Indian individual who requested verification while checking on our well-being during COVID. It was evident that this was a scam, especially when they insisted on sending any information through my GP or surgery for COVID verification. I am quite irritated by this situation, especially as someone of Indian descent. It is unfortunate and I sincerely hope that no one vulnerable falls for it.

It was an obvious scam. Similar to previous instances where I've been contacted regarding COVID tests and life insurance, the person on the other end claimed they were updating the NHS database. I told them I worked for the FBI and that my COVID information was already up to date (which was obviously a lie since I reside in England). Without hesitation, they immediately hung up. I blocked their number and reported the illegal scam through the "hiya" app on my phone.

Telephone scam A phone call that is intended to deceive or defraud someone is known as a telephone scam.

My wife received a call this morning from this number, coinciding with her receiving positive Covid test results. The caller, who spoke with an Indian accent, claimed to be from the NHS. However, my wife hung up when he couldn't provide any confirmation of how he obtained her number and our postcode. It turned out that he was trying to sell insurance.

Another caller dialed 07853469123, yet did not leave a message. After going through other comments regarding this specific number, it raises the question of how unethical companies can become. Such calls could potentially cause distress to individuals who believe it is a legitimate call.

Today, I received a call from a certain number which allegedly belonged to the NHS. They claimed to be performing a check on individuals during the COVID period. They requested to verify if my information was correct on their system, particularly my current address. However, they provided one of my previous addresses instead. Realizing it was a scam, I promptly ended the call.

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