07418342524 is a valid (Mobile) United Kingdom Phone Number and it belongs to Tismi. It has a prefix of 07418. The area code 07418 originates from United Kingdom.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+447418342524+44 7418 34252407418 342524+44-7418-342524

This number has recently been searched from Edgerton(West Yorkshire) and Old Town(Edinburgh).

07418342524 has 12 comments of which 4 x negative and 8 x neutral


User Comments about 07418342524

It can be quite frustrating when someone persists in calling and sending texts, even after they have been blocked.

They posted a job opening for a retail assistant during the Christmas season. The individual identifying themselves as Charly expressed interest in the position but failed to provide information about which recruitment agency they were affiliated with.

We are delighted to extend a job offer on behalf of Adecco, a highly esteemed organization. We would like to formally extend this opportunity to you and invite you to join our team.

There is a job opportunity available. Please reply via text to the given number.

I received a text message supposedly from Naomi at Adecco Recruitment. The message included a landline number at the bottom, which I will verify as well.

stating that they have received a job offer

We have a fantastic job opportunity available! We are currently seeking individuals for a vacant position within our organization. If you are interested and possess the required skills and qualifications, please continue reading to find out more about this exciting role. Job Title: Marketing Assistant Responsibilities: - Assist the marketing team in executing various marketing campaigns. - Support the creation of engaging content for social media platforms and websites. - Conduct market research and analyze data to identify trends and target audiences. - Collaborate with team members to develop innovative marketing strategies. - Monitor and optimize online advertising efforts. - Provide administrative support to the marketing department as needed. Requirements: - Previous experience or formal education in marketing or a relevant field is highly desirable. - Proficiency in social media platforms and digital marketing tools. - Strong analytical skills for data interpretation. - Excellent communication and teamwork abilities. - Organizational skills and attention to detail. - Familiarity with industry trends and market dynamics. If you believe you are a suitable candidate for this position, please send your updated CV, along with a cover letter highlighting your qualifications and why you are interested in this role. We look forward to reviewing your application. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further engagement.

If it is indeed true that they are from Adecco, their behavior is incredibly unprofessional.

I have been receiving multiple calls from this particular number, but I have no idea who they are. The strange thing is that every time the call comes in, it only lasts for two minutes, from 9:02 am to 9:04 am. Oddly enough, I either receive or send a message during that time which I have not actually seen or received. The number is the same, except for the difference of replacing the 0 with 44. It's been happening almost daily throughout September, so I decided to inhibit the number from contacting me. I refuse to answer it because it could be some sort of scam, most likely.

I have been receiving text messages from an unidentified sender, who is offering job opportunities. However, they do not disclose any information about themselves or how they obtained my contact details. While it could be a legitimate offer, I am cautious about texting a potential scam number as I have no idea about the sender's affiliation.

I received a text message on my mobile number from 07418342524, which was addressed to Matthew. However, the message was not for me and claimed that my holiday pay was being processed. It also advised me to reply with "stop" to opt out. If this message was genuinely from an employer, it seems strange that they would offer the option to opt out. I suspect there may be a charge incurred if I respond to the message to opt out.

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