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02920 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 02920.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+4402920+44 0292002920+44-02920


Many users have reported receiving calls from phone numbers beginning with 0292, which are located in Cardiff, Wales. The calls are often automated messages or from callers claiming to be from various companies, offering deals or requesting personal information. Some users suspect a scam, especially when the caller asks for sensitive information or pressures for immediate action. A few users have reported rude or abusive behavior from the callers. Multiple users have blocked these numbers and advised others to be cautious and not to provide any personal information.

These are the most relevant words mentioned by people commenting about this phone number:

bt currys action fraud amazon cardiff microsoft teamviewer said sky malcolm green
Number Of Searches: 118 Number Of Comments: 34 First Seen: 06 October 2016 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Elsrickle(South Lanarkshire), Garizim(Conwy) and Lowerford(Lancashire).

02920 has 34 comments of which 11 x negative and 22 x neutral and 1 x positive


User Comments about 02920

18 days

Be cautious of calls pretending to be Amazon on 02920 960866, it's a scam!

18 days

I have now blocked numerous calls from area code 02920.

20 days

A call came in from 02920216691, stating that £900 was paid using my debit card. The caller asked to press 1 to proceed, but I ended the call.

26 days

The call ended abruptly after the automated answering machine had come on.

3 months

I received a call from 02920315227, informing me about a bank scam where £300 has been deducted from my card.

4 months

I'm tired of receiving these calls, even though I specifically requested to have unwanted calls blocked! The company that keeps calling is Click Car Repairs.

tagsClick Car Repairs
9 months

The caller informed me about numerous problems with the Virgin Media internet service and offered to assist in resolving them. At this juncture, I decided to end the call abruptly.

tagsVirgin Media
11 months

Beware of scams! There are criminals who pretend to be from your bank, contacting you about fraudulent activity on your card. To report such incidents, call 02920 586920.

1 year

I received a call from 02920009533. I responded in German, but they quickly ended the call without saying anything.

1 year

Beware! The number 02920539162 is involved in a scam!

1 year

I receive calls from a female recorded voice on a daily basis. I would like to block the number from which the calls are originating, but then another number starts calling.

2 years

I received a call on my land-line from 02920 958724. A female recorded voice claimed that it was regarding appliance cover and promised to call me back tomorrow. It seems to be a scam.

2 years

I received a call from a female caller at 02920 958724. She left a recorded message, apologizing for not being able to speak at that time. She mentioned that she will call me again tomorrow.

2 years

I received a recorded message from an unidentified caller stating that they will call me again tomorrow. This is the second time this has occurred.

2 years

I received a call, I answered but the caller hung up. I suspect that this may be a robocaller, as in a scammer.

3 years

Mysterious harassing caller from uncertain source

3 years

I received a call from the number 029 2095 8751, but they disconnected the call without saying anything.

3 years

I have no idea who calls me every day from the phone number 02920958751.

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