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02879865845 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 028. The area code 028 originates from Magherafelt.

Your Caller ID may exhibit this phone number showcased in these various formats:

+442879865845+44 28 7986 5845028 7986 5845+44-28-7986-5845

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The number 02879865845 is associated with a scam where callers pretend to be from Microsoft and claim that there are critical errors on the victim's Windows computer. The scammers then try to gain remote access to the victim's computer and trick them into installing malware or paying for unnecessary services. The scam has been reported multiple times and it is important to be cautious and not provide any personal or financial information to unknown callers. If you receive a call from this number, it is recommended to hang up immediately and report it to the authorities.

The most prominent words mentioned by individuals talking about this phone number are:

microsoft london telephone preference service tps hanover street mayfair northern ireland susan ico google
Number Of Searches: 198 Number Of Comments: 35 First Seen: 17 March 2016 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Goldenhill(Staffordshire) and Pen-y-bont Llanerch Emrys(Powys).

02879865845 has 35 comments of which 25 x neutral and 10 x negative


User Comments about 02879865845

8 years

Beware of fraudulent companies engaging in phishing and computer virus scams.

8 years

They repeatedly try calling me, but they are unable to connect because I have a call-blocking feature active.

8 years

Please stop dialing my number; it's rather intriguing since I don't possess a computer. I kindly request that you refrain from calling back.

8 years

I made a phone call this morning regarding my computer, but when I informed him that I do not entertain unsolicited calls, I ended the conversation and hung up.

8 years

I received a call from a women claiming to be from the helpline, stating that there was an issue with my laptop. It is important not to trust such calls.

8 years

Beware of scam callers attempting to hack your computer or extract your bank information. It is important to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

8 years

I encountered a problem with my Windows laptop. Specifically, I was struggling to find its name. When I asked the customer service representative for assistance, she abruptly ended the call.

8 years

I suspected that it was a scam when I received a call referring to computer servicing, with the intention of gaining remote access to my computer.

8 years

As soon as we replied, silence engulfed the air. That annoying pest!

8 years

It has been mentioned that our computer is experiencing errors. Furthermore, someone has expressed interest in gaining access to our computer. It is important to remain cautious, as this individual seems to be attempting unauthorized access.

8 years

We asked the man about the server IP address that our computer is running, but he had no idea what we were talking about.

8 years

As we grabbed the phone to respond, we quickly realized that the line was dead. We were planning to give them a stern talking-to to scare them, but our efforts were thwarted.

8 years

We were not aware of the regional code, so we decided to answer the call. However, we encountered a brief delay before a gentleman attempted to converse with us regarding our computer. We informed him that we did not possess one.

8 years

A girl with a foreign accent claimed that she was calling regarding our computer. When asked for the company name, she provided the name of the firm mentioned below. It was clear that this was a fraudulent scam.

8 years

We received a call from a suspicious number, claiming to offer computer support.

8 years

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, who supposedly said that there were errors coming from our computer. I promptly told them to go away as it seems like they are trying to scam us.

8 years

I picked up the handset and a hush fell over our conversations. The individuals on the other end abruptly ended the call.

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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 02879865845, it will cost you £0.16 per minute on landline and between between £0.03 to £0.65 per minute on mobile. Additionally, there might be a connection charge of £0.23.

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