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02879865845 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 028. The area code 028 originates from Magherafelt.

Your Caller ID may exhibit this phone number showcased in these various formats:

+442879865845+44 28 7986 5845028 7986 5845+44-28-7986-5845

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The number 02879865845 is associated with a scam where callers pretend to be from Microsoft and claim that there are critical errors on the victim's Windows computer. The scammers then try to gain remote access to the victim's computer and trick them into installing malware or paying for unnecessary services. The scam has been reported multiple times and it is important to be cautious and not provide any personal or financial information to unknown callers. If you receive a call from this number, it is recommended to hang up immediately and report it to the authorities.

The most prominent words mentioned by individuals talking about this phone number are:

microsoft london telephone preference service tps hanover street mayfair northern ireland susan ico google
Number Of Searches: 198 Number Of Comments: 35 First Seen: 17 March 2016 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Goldenhill(Staffordshire) and Pen-y-bont Llanerch Emrys(Powys).

02879865845 has 35 comments of which 25 x neutral and 10 x negative


User Comments about 02879865845

8 years

Received a call from this number and another (0195478845) claiming to be the Windows Technical Team. Highly doubtful.

tagsWindows Technical Team
8 years

Automated announcement. PPI bloodsuckers.

8 years

Beware of deceitful individuals trying to scam you, commonly known as scammers.

8 years

It's quite evident that it was a clear scam. I advised the lady to pursue a more respectable profession, such as managing a brothel. Needless to say, she didn't take kindly to my suggestion!

8 years

At 3:45 pm on May 2, 2016, a call was received from the number 02879865845. I am providing the time and date in the hope that the superiors review this information and verify the call logs. It appears that the caller did not properly perform their job as they remained silent during the call. However, it is evident that someone was on the line, as the message indicating that the other person had hung up played after the call ended. I am notifying this occurrence in the prospect that action will be taken against such unproductive callers.

8 years

I blew my whistle really loudly at Kevin from Windows. I'm certain that his ears are still ringing in Delhi from the noise!

8 years

An unknown caller, with the number 02879865845, just phoned me today at 3:45 pm on the 2nd of May. I am mentioning the precise time and date here, hoping that their employers will read these pages and review the call logs to determine if they are employing non-responsive callers who are clearly not performing their duties correctly. A staff member seemed to be present as there was a voicemail prompt after they ended the call.

8 years

Beware of fraudulent individuals posing as Microsoft representatives!

8 years

Frequent calls from an unknown number?

8 years

Con artist with an exotic flairو

8 years

Menace of Silent Calls

8 years

A silent phone call is incredibly frustrating.

8 years

A computer malfunction has raised suspicions about an Asian woman.

8 years

Beware of scammers posing as computer error technicians. It is advisable to immediately end the call and cut off any further communication.

8 years

Hmm, quite bothersome!

8 years

Prank Phone Call

8 years

Beware of scams.

8 years

I'm not sure. It could be a silent call, maybe because the answering machine is switched on.

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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 02879865845, it will cost you £0.16 per minute on landline and between between £0.03 to £0.65 per minute on mobile. Additionally, there might be a connection charge of £0.23.

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