02032873172 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 020. The area code 020 originates from London.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+442032873172+44 20 3287 3172020 3287 3172+44-20-3287-3172

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

gumtree g ##umtree tps nicholas national accident helpline ##tree sovereign solicitors telephone preference service west yorkshire

This number has recently been searched from Alford(Somerset), Bayworth(Oxfordshire) and Rhiroy(Highland).

02032873172 has 80 comments of which 58 x neutral and 18 x negative and 4 x positive


User Comments about 02032873172

I received a call from individuals of Asian descent who claimed that there was a warrant out for my arrest. They asked if I had a lawyer, to which I replied that I did not. They explained that the issue had to do with overpaid taxes. I informed them that I would pay the £3280 and awaited further instructions for my court appearance. One of them responded angrily, threatening that the police would come to my house. I called back and spoke to someone else, who then revealed their badge number. Strangely, they proceeded to question me about my date of birth, bank information, and address.

After I called him a timewaster trying his luck, he told me to "F Off you [email protected]".

You receive a phone call, but the caller is silent.

I posted my contact number on GUMTREE to repost an item for sale, but I received multiple repetitive calls from this number. I immediately blocked the number as it appeared to be a scam and likely used an automated system to scan Gumtree for phone numbers.

They kept calling me 20 times every day, despite me picking up and specifically asking them not to call again.

You have received a recorded message from Rosie at Pronto Fast Service, claiming that you were involved in a car accident, which you haven't. You have already blocked the number on your mobile.

Received a call from this number shortly after placing an advertisement on Gumtree. Supposedly, I was involved in a car accident and so on. Do these individuals have nothing more meaningful to occupy their unfortunate existence? And Gumtree, what actions will you take in response to this matter?

I did the same thing on Gumtree and received four calls in just 30 seconds, which was quite amusing. However, I ended up cancelling all the calls and hung up whenever I heard a voice.

Stay away from this phone number because it belongs to a scammer.

I haven't advertised anything on Gumtree. This is the third call I've received from this number within 20 minutes. The first two calls were made to my landline, with someone asking to speak to my deceased husband. The third call was made to my mobile, but they hung up as soon as I answered.

Ambulance chasers using recorded voice to pose as genuine individuals.

Today, I received 28 calls from an Asian man claiming to be my car insurance company on Gumtree. However, even after 6 attempts, he couldn't provide me with the correct company name. In the end, he verbally abused me and abruptly ended the call. Now, I'm continuously receiving calls that hang up after just one ring.

My partner received several phone calls, including one from Australia, just minutes after posting a car advertisement on Gumtree for a friend. It was a highly unusual occurrence and makes me wary. I would recommend avoiding it.

I missed the call because my phone was charging in another room. Coincidentally, I had just posted a car on Gumtree that same day. After reading this, I am relieved that I didn't answer the call. Does anyone happen to know if Gumtree is aware that scammers are accessing their customers' information?

How can I prevent this knobhead from calling my landline and mobile phone?

Fraudulent insurance claim company

I was informed that my loan application was rejected by someone named Nicholas. However, Nicholas turned out to be from the loan company and not a broker. He insisted that I had to get the loan or else I would be charged for wasting the company's time. I found it alarming that he, an Asian individual, asked for my bank details and even mentioned taking the money without my consent. This situation angered me because I worry that others might fall victim to such scams. I'm unsure how Nicholas obtained my email and phone number since I have not advertised anything on Gumtree.

Similar to every other person, I have placed an advertisement on Gumtree. During the first call, I requested the individual to remove my phone number from their call list, and then I ended the conversation. When the second call came through, the person began by saying, "Oh, why are you so angry?" Once again, I swiftly ended the conversation. On the third call, I chose to answer but kept the phone off the hook, so I have no knowledge of what he rambled on about. All three calls occurred within a span of 20 minutes, and the caller had an accent that sounded Chinese.

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