01618185874 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0161. The area code 0161 originates from Manchester.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441618185874+44 161 818 58740161 818 5874+44-161-818-5874

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

bt california india google james wilson hmrc john crow virgin sky pakistan

This number has recently been searched from Horton Heath(Hampshire) and Lower Swell(Gloucestershire).

01618185874 has 79 comments of which 71 x negative and 8 x neutral


User Comments about 01618185874

Voicemail recording: I have received information stating that I have committed tax fraud. I am being urged to call immediately to prevent further legal action being taken against me.

Please call ‭0161 818 7169‬, an automated message regarding tax avoidance requires your attention.

An automated message was received, threatening legal action for tax avoidance with the HMRC and requesting a call back. I highly doubt their credibility, typical Trevor!

I have received a threatening message from someone claiming to be a legal authority and urging me to call them. However, they end it by saying "Bless you" and wishing me a good day. It's quite absurd. Can we please put an end to these scammers targeting vulnerable individuals and causing panic?

I received an automated voice call from Officer Coleman at HMRC, who threatened legal action if I didn't call back. It was honestly so bad that it made me laugh out loud. At the end, the message said, "Thank you and have a blessed day!" Blocked those losers!

An automated voice left me a highly threatening message, stating that if I or my solicitor didn't contact them promptly, I would be facing legal action by HMRC. This is possibly the most intimidating message I have ever received from these individuals, who seem to have nothing else to do except harass people.

I received a call from this number with a pre-recorded message advising me to disconnect and return the call today. Supposedly, there is a significant lawsuit associated with my name. Quite amusing, really!

Please refrain from calling me. If you continue, I will be left with no choice but to report this to the authorities. Do you comprehend the word "NO"?

Notice: This is a scam. It is not from BT.

I had a similar incident today. A man with an Indian accent called claiming that my internet had been hacked. I'm not sure how he obtained my number, but he also knew my old address. I told him to go ahead and disconnect it. What a rude person! I have now blocked him.

Someone claiming to be from Virgin Media contacted me and said that my IP address was being used by someone in the United States. They threatened to disconnect my internet service for three weeks. Strangely, the caller never explained what they actually wanted from me, but did accuse me of wasting their time (even though it was only 10 minutes that they weren't bothering anyone else).

I've been called twice by this number today. There was a lot of background noise, so I waited before they started speaking. However, I ended up hanging up both times. It's frustrating dealing with such nuisances.

I recently received a phone call from the same person, and he was not pleased when I informed him that I was at work and unable to assist. Is it possible to block this number?

An individual with an Indian accent claimed that my internet service would be disconnected due to a hacker infiltrating my connection and engaging in fraudulent activities. I found this amusing and decided to play along. They instructed me to search for my IP address location, which, unsurprisingly, Google listed as Mountain View, California; the supposed residence of the hacker named John Crow. However, this information is false, as clicking on the link leads to my correct IP address. They were using this deceitful tactic to make me believe their story. I eventually caught on during the call and decided to entertain myself by engaging in a mocking conversation for about five minutes, during which the caller tried to retaliate. How foolish they were!

I just received a call from the following number: 01618185874. This is the second time today, but the caller remains silent. It's really irritating and feels like a complete intrusion.

I received a missed call from this number earlier today, so I decided to search for it and stumbled upon this page. Peter (?) just called me again and claimed that my BT internet will be disconnected. I informed him that I had already researched his number and asked if this was a scam, after which he abruptly ended the call!

There was a call from a very noisy Indian call centre with a strong Indian accent. They claimed to have detected foreign use of my BT internet service in the last two weeks and warned that I would lose my service if I didn't take action. I promptly called out the scam by saying, "We both know that this is a fraud. Shall we save our time and end the call now?" The person on the other end hung up.

I received a call stating that my broadband will be disconnected due to illegal activity. This is a scam alert!

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