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01615202136 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0161. The area code 0161 originates from Manchester.

The number might show up on your Caller ID as:

+441615202136+44 161 520 21360161 520 2136+44-161-520-2136

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The number 01615202136 has been reported as a scam. It has been used in calls where the caller claims to be from various companies such as British Telecom, BT Openreach, Sky, and Homecare. The caller may ask for personal information such as your name, address, and bank details. They may also ask you to visit a website or follow a code. These calls are likely to be scams and are designed to steal your personal information or gain unauthorized access to your computer. It is best to avoid providing any information to the caller and to hang up immediately. If you have received a call like this, it is recommended to report the number to the authorities.

Below are the principal words mentioned by folks commenting on this phone number:

bt openreach openreach telephone preference service home care insurance tps smith dent india home help dunne
Number Of Searches: 143 Number Of Comments: 57 First Seen: 13 April 2022 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Aimes Green(Essex), Higher Wraxall(Dorset), Lower Farringdon(Hampshire) and Rumbling Bridge(Clackmannanshire).

01615202136 has 57 comments of which 33 x neutral and 24 x negative


User Comments about 01615202136

2 years

They woke me up by claiming to be from British Telecom.

tagsBritish Telecom
2 years

I am repeatedly receiving calls to renew my appliances, but this is clearly a scam as we recently purchased new appliances.

2 years

A woman with an Indian accent claimed to be calling from BT Openreach. She expressed her intention to provide me with a code, likely for me to input onto a website, supposedly to grant her access to my computer. Despite my insistence that she was not actually from Openreach, she refused to back down from her claim. Feeling aggrieved, I scolded her, to which she responded by repeatedly telling me to be quiet. Ultimately, I ended the conversation by hanging up the phone.

tagsBT OpenreachOpenreach
2 years

I made a phone call and experienced a small delay in connecting at first. The person on the other end sounded like they were from an Indian call center, despite the fact that the number appeared to be a landline. They proceeded to inform me that I was eligible for a refund of £119, as I had been mistakenly overcharged for my washing machine warranty. I immediately clarified that I hadn't had a warranty for years. However, if I had fallen for the scam, it is likely that they would have requested my bank details to supposedly "credit" (or perhaps "debit") my account.

2 years

This morning at 9:30, a woman named Cheryl Smith called me, claiming to know my name. She said she wanted to refund me for washing machine insurance, but I immediately knew it was a lie because I have never taken out such insurance. Finding it amusing, I chuckled and called my husband to tell him. However, the young lady abruptly ended the call in frustration.

tagsCheryl Smith
2 years

An Indian woman has offered to refund me for an overpayment and has requested my bank details.

2 years

At 2:34, I called my dad and he answered the phone, greeted hello, but then the line got disconnected. We have no clue about the identity of the caller.

2 years

Oh no, it's another scam! Those sewer rats never seem to quit, do they?

2 years

Homecare hung up and refuses to issue a refund.

2 years

Fraudulent activity

2 years

I was asked where I would like the rebate for my home appliance insurance to be paid - in my current account.

2 years

Report Scam: Washing Machine Refund Fraud Done by Rang House

2 years

I could hear all the background noise, so when someone asked for my name, I said "Parlez-vous français?” The person asked again, so I repeated it in French. After that, the phone was hung up.

2 years

They offered me a refund of £119 for my Bosch washing machine, but I suspect it's a scam because I actually own a 15-year-old Hotpoint. This situation reminds me of the Amazon refund scam.

2 years

They offered me a partial refund on a washing machine I purchased a few years ago and requested my bank account details. I requested them to send me a cheque instead, but they refused.

2 years

Refund scam involving washing machines

2 years

Harry phoned me today to provide a refund of £119.99 due to an overpayment on my homecare washing machine insurance.

2 years

They claim to have a refund for me and are requesting my bank information in order to process the refund.

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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 01615202136, it will cost you £0.16 per minute on landline and between between £0.03 to £0.65 per minute on mobile. Additionally, there might be a connection charge of £0.23.

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