01612497643 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0161. The area code 0161 originates from Manchester.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441612497643+44 161 249 76430161 249 7643+44-161-249-7643

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

ppi manchester ofcom stephen insurance pp leeds

This number has recently been searched from Butlocks Heath(Hampshire), Dinnington(Somerset), Skinnet(Highland) and South Middleton(Northumberland).

01612497643 has 59 comments of which 14 x negative and 45 x neutral


User Comments about 01612497643

When I confronted the insurance scammer, they had all of my personal information. However, they abruptly hung up the phone and when I tried to call them back, the service was unavailable. This situation could potentially be very risky for vulnerable elderly individuals who are more likely to fall victim to such scams.

I called twice, but there was no answer. I will now block the number.

Block the spam scam caller.

I have received two calls today, but I did not answer them. After reading the posts on here, I am now about to block the number.

There was a man who was impolite and full of arrogance, and he claimed that he wasn't selling anything. He stated that his company took a 39% cut from the money they recovered from banks that were charging excessive APR rates. However, this entire operation is a scam. I accused him of being a parasite, which prompted him to become even more abusive.

I didn't respond and no message was left. I checked over here; I'm glad I did!

A person called, asking for my brother by his name. I then apologized and informed them that he is no longer reachable at this number. Surprisingly, without uttering another word, the caller abruptly ended the call. How impolite!

I was called twice today but there was no answer.

I received 4 phone calls today and 4 phone calls yesterday. After reading some comments on here, I decided to block the caller's number. If I am not familiar with the number, I choose not to answer.

I missed the first 4 calls today because I was in meetings, but no answerphone message was left. I finally answered the 5th call, but it hung up right away.

I have called three times today, but no one has answered. However, I have blocked the number.

Since several other callers have reported this number, I haven't answered it. However, they did call earlier this morning.

They have phoned me 3 times today, but I haven't answered. However, after reading these comments, I have decided to block their number.

What a genuine pain in the backside.

They continuously called over and over again, picking up the phone and then hanging up. Eventually, someone spoke and said they were from Insurance PPI.

This morning, I received three calls from a number in Manchester. I haven't answered the calls, but after reading about it on this website, I am going to block the number.

Nuisance callers. Time-wasters. They should be blocked and fined £500,000, as instructed by the government.

Please continue to make calls. I have already received three calls this morning.

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