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01474355069 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01474. The area code 01474 originates from Gravesend.

The format of this phone number on your Caller ID may vary, such as:

+441474355069+44 1474 35506901474 355069+44-1474-355069

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Many users have reported receiving multiple calls from a phone number with a UK area code. The calls are often from individuals with Asian or Indian accents, some of whom use pseudonyms like "John Smith" or "Michael." The callers claim to be from government agencies or claims firms and offer bank charge refunds. They typically ask for personal information, including names, addresses, and dates of birth. Users find these calls frustrating, annoying, and intimidating, with some reporting aggressive and abusive behavior when they refuse to provide information. Some have questioned how the callers obtained their personal data. The general consensus is to not answer or engage with these calls, and to block the number.

Here are the standout words used by folks talking about this phone number:

uk ministry of justice john smith michael pakistan william john william india david brown murphy
Number Of Searches: 105 Number Of Comments: 13 First Seen: 04 September 2017 General Reputation: negative

This number has recently been searched from Carn Eigei(Highland) and Hinton St Mary(Dorset).

01474355069 has 13 comments of which 6 x negative and 7 x neutral


User Comments about 01474355069

7 years

I agree with the comments mentioned above.

7 years

PLEASE DO NOT CALL 01474355069.

7 years

It is incredibly frustrating and annoying when someone persistently calls, seeking for unnecessary details. It is evident that they are taking advantage of vulnerable individuals.

7 years

Agreeing with the previous comments, I believe it is necessary to take action against these individuals. I strongly recommend blocking them and encourage everyone else to do so as well.

7 years

On the 12th of September 2017 at 5:37 PM, I received a phone call, however, no message was left. This was the third unwanted call I received today, and they came from two different sources.

7 years

A gentleman from abroad has kindly offered his assistance to help me reclaim bank charges over a span of 20 years.

7 years

I received a call from a gentleman with an Asian accent, but unfortunately, I couldn't comprehend anything else he said. He ended the call abruptly.

7 years

He informed me about possible bank refunds, but when I refused to provide the necessary information, he threatened to harm me in a vulgar manner.

7 years

I received an abusive phone call from a certain number.

7 years

I declined to acknowledge my name and they promptly ended the call when I inquired about its purpose.

7 years

A persistent, harassing voice kept demanding my attention. I promptly ended the call.

7 years

A man with an Asian accent repeatedly calls asking for Mrs. Murphy. He hangs up when I inform him that she does not reside here.

7 years

A kind-hearted foreign gentleman has extended an offer to help me reclaim 20 years' worth of bank charges.

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Call Charges

If you want to return a call to 01474355069, it will cost you £0.16 per minute on landline and between between £0.03 to £0.65 per minute on mobile. Additionally, there might be a connection charge of £0.23.

About 01 Numbers

These numbers correspond to specific locations in the UK and are typically used by homes and businesses. Sometimes referred to as 'basic rate', 'local rate', or 'national rate' numbers, the charges for these geographic numbers are contingent on the time of day. Most service providers offer call packages that offer free calls during designated times. Call costs from mobile phones are dependent on the chosen calling plan, with various plans offering these numbers in their free call packages.

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