01249872547 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01249. The area code 01249 originates from Chippenham.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441249872547+44 1249 87254701249 872547+44-1249-872547

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

tps telephone preference service edward india way of life father christmas oic office of the information commissioner david chippenham

This number has recently been searched from Downholme(North Yorkshire), Gossabrough(Shetland Isles), Moston Green(Cheshire) and Toddington(Gloucestershire).

01249872547 has 80 comments of which 70 x neutral and 10 x negative


User Comments about 01249872547

I'm really frustrated with this particular telephone number that has been intermittently calling our house for the past few months. The latest call, yet again, I explicitly requested them not to contact me anymore, but the person on the other end replied "I can't comply with that." However, yesterday's call was especially irritating as I chose to remain silent when answering the phone. It was then that I overheard him 'acting' on the call, presumably to a colleague, instructing them to make sure I receive 100 calls per day. He confirmed my presence by mentioning that he could hear the TV in the background. He went on to say that I should be called 100 times every single day. At this point, I informed him that I had been recording his words (although I hadn't), which made him hang up. Nevertheless, I've now decided to actually start recording these calls moving forward!

An Indian person kept calling, so I decided to answer some of their inquiries. In some cases, I provided false information. After that, he promised not to call again.

I answered the phone after it rang, but didn't say anything. After 11 seconds, I could hear office background noises and an English-sounding voice said "hello." I didn't respond, so they hung up. Quite charming! This is the second time today that I've received a call from this number.

Quietly, I left the phone off the hook before moving to another room.

I received two phone calls, but I missed the first one. About half an hour later, an individual from India called me and asked if I was Mr. ########, which I am not. I responded by saying, "No, who is calling?" He repeated his initial question, and I repeated my response. Eventually, he ended the call abruptly.

Man from India

He rang me twice, claiming to conduct a "lifestyle survey", so I requested that he refrain from contacting me again. Surprisingly, he called me once more after only 10 minutes. Fortunately, we have a BT8500 phone that can block his calls. The next time he tries to call, he will be notified that his call has been blocked. Goodbye, nuisance.

Today at 1.45pm, a phone number called me. It rang four times, but when I answered, there was nobody on the line. Luckily, they won't bother me again because I have just blocked the number.

A call was received from this number at 2.38pm, where the caller asked to speak with me by name. They mentioned that they weren't selling anything. I inquired about the purpose of the call, prompting them to ask for an opportunity to speak their words. Still curious, I asked once more what they wanted, but they abruptly ended the call. It appears that when you deviate from their predetermined "script", it confuses them and they are unable to handle it. The same number called again at 6.16pm, but there was nobody on the line.

I have received three phone calls in the past two hours. Each time I answered, there was no one on the line and the call ended. I tried calling back, but the number does not accept incoming calls. How can I put an end to these calls and also stop receiving international calls? To contact me, please email [email protected]

Today, the Indian gentleman has called us three times, despite us being out for most of the day. During the last call, he specifically asked for me by name. I informed him that I was my daughter, to which he responded by chanting "liar, liar, liar" before abruptly ending the call. It's frustrating how they manage to continue with these calls, so I'm wondering how we can put a stop to them.

I have received calls from this number six times today and numerous times over the past two weeks. It's becoming ridiculous. Even at 8:30 am on a Sunday morning, they continue to bother me. I now ignore their calls and refuse to answer, in case they charge me. How can I put an end to these calls?

I am extremely annoyed by the constant calls from the number 01249872547, asking me about my lifestyle choices! They have already called me six times today, and it's only mid-afternoon. I'm tempted to use my son's loud whistle to disrupt the caller next time. On average, I receive around 15 calls a day from various sources with withheld, international, or suspicious numbers, all related to surveys and mostly from people with Asian accents. It is absolutely frustrating how they are able to get away with this incessant disturbance!

I receive numerous calls from this number every day. One of my friends used a whistle when they received a call, and surprisingly, the number of calls has reduced. I am considering trying this method as well.

I have received three silent calls from this number within the last 24 hours. It is concerning that these companies are still able to disrupt the peace and invade people's privacy without consequence.

I received 3 phone calls today. I spoke during one call, politely declined and ended the conversation. Then, I received 2 silent calls from the same number. I have been experiencing these calls intermittently for the past two months.

I informed an individual who was speaking in an Indian accent that I did not want to provide any personal information regarding my lifestyle or similar matters. In response, he informed me that I would continue receiving daily phone calls until I agreed to disclose the details he desired. I cannot disclose what I told him, but considering the number and the associated complaints, there must be a way to put a stop to this situation.

A man with an Indian accent, who seemed to know my name, called and asked to speak to my wife. I greeted him with a hello, and he inquired if #### was indeed my name before abruptly ending the call. I have received around 20 calls from this same number over the past month.

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