01249798300 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01249. The area code 01249 originates from Chippenham.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441249798300+44 1249 79830001249 798300+44-1249-798300

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

tom mastercard john visa melksham tomtom jake sc high wycombe ##m

This number has recently been searched from Balbeg(Highland), Dalbury(Derbyshire), Great Bernera(Western Isles) and Stone(Somerset).

01249798300 has 79 comments of which 35 x negative and 44 x neutral


User Comments about 01249798300

I received an automated message supposedly from Visa/Mastercard regarding a payment of £600 made for a transaction abroad. I didn't listen to the entire message but immediately hung up as soon as it mentioned Visa or Mastercard. It is without a doubt a scam, so please disregard any such calls. I have now blocked this number.

I blocked the number, 01249098535, and didn't answer it after reading the reports.

I have received two calls in the past few days, but I do not answer calls from unknown numbers that start with 00, 01, 02, or 07.

At 05:11 am, somebody called me but I didn't answer.

Someone is asking for the homeowner, but they don't know the name or address. Goodbye!

I receive a phone call at least once a day. I choose not to answer it.

An unknown caller reached my voicemail again and hung up. It's becoming quite tiresome as I receive at least four scam calls daily, all of which land in my voicemail. I'm getting frustrated with these individuals causing trouble.

Reported to Scammerblaster and barred, you are now subject to being bombarded with calls. Instead of getting angry, seek revenge.

Silent once again, are you?

A man phoned me to inquire about my satisfaction with the insulation in my loft. Confused, I asked when that would have occurred. In response, he abruptly ended the call. It's worth noting that my phone number is not listed in the directory.

I have received a few calls in the past 24 hours, but I generally don't answer unknown numbers. What's strange is that one of these calls abruptly ends as soon as my answering machine kicks in.

They have made several calls, but hang up every time.

I called my mum, and he claimed to be called Jake from Safe Alert. He attempted to obtain some information from her, mentioning that she might be eligible for a free pendant alarm, which is a careline service for older people. Thankfully, my mum ended the call immediately and didn't provide them with any details.

Received a silent call.

Received a call at 5:48 a.m!!! No voicemail was left.

I received a call from a gentleman named Tom on my landline. I was unable to ascertain where he was calling from, but he mentioned something about the loft insulation that had been installed in my house. When I asked him if he had dialed the correct number, he apologized and promptly hung up.

No message was left. Therefore, I will block this person based on their previous comments.

I received a call from a man with an Asian accent who claimed to be from BT OpenReach. I politely declined his offer and ended the call. However, he immediately called me back and began shouting, questioning why I had terminated the conversation. I firmly told him to go away, and he hasn't contacted me since. It's evident that he was a scammer, so it's important to stay vigilant and not fall for such ploys.

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