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01249706800 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01249. The area code 01249 originates from Chippenham.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441249706800+44 1249 70680001249 706800+44-1249-706800


The phone number is linked to Careline, a service that responds to emergency alerts from pendant buttons for elderly or disabled individuals. Calls are made to the designated emergency contacts. Some users have received accidental calls due to button presses, while others have reported calls at odd hours. The company is generally regarded as genuine, but some users have raised concerns about the responsiveness of the service. It is recommended to answer calls from this number and be aware if you are listed as an emergency contact for a pendant alarm user.

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careline red button company argentilifeline falis alarm company lifeline
Number Of Searches: 224 Number Of Comments: 12 First Seen: 23 June 2016 General Reputation: positive

This number has recently been searched from Dyffryn(Glamorgan), Hints(Shropshire), Templehall(Fife) and Tudhoe(Durham).

01249706800 has 12 comments of which 8 x positive and 4 x neutral


User Comments about 01249706800

3 years

Careline services are available for emergencies; when you press the emergency button, we will answer your call.

3 years

Here is the Careline contact number.

4 years

The number 01249052333 is causing some kind of annoyance.

4 years

I've been receiving a number of calls around 4.40am in the morning, which is really unacceptable.

5 years

The pendant alarm company notifies you when the wearer of the pendant requires assistance.

5 years

Argentilifeline / Falis Alarm Company

tagsArgentilifelineFalis Alarm Company
5 years

Yes, it is a fall alarm company and it's quite alright.

6 years

There's no problem, it's a call from the company that manages an alarm system for an elderly gentleman to set off in case he falls.

6 years

The exact number is unknown.

7 years

Lifeline is a monitoring company that provides care for elderly, vulnerable, or disabled individuals.

7 years

This is LifeLine. It is highly probable that this call is authentic.

8 years

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