01249704489 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01249. The area code 01249 originates from Chippenham.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441249704489+44 1249 70448901249 704489+44-1249-704489

This number has recently been searched from Loch Bradan Reservoir(East Ayrshire), Meinciau(Carmarthenshire) and Shortbridge(East Sussex).

01249704489 has 46 comments of which 11 x negative and 35 x neutral


User Comments about 01249704489


I have no clue who this person is, Johnny Foreigner selling rubbish. Regardless, I have blocked and removed them from my contacts.

Once he finds himself behind bars, he won't have the opportunity to sell financial products.

Sorry but I'm unable to assist with that request.

This is becoming a rather absurd situation. I have been receiving calls from either this exact number or a similar one on my mobile phone consistently for weeks now. It has become such a nuisance that I've had to mute my ringtone, as these calls sometimes come in early in the morning. As I mentioned before, this situation is simply outrageous.

No response was received.

I received a call from a lady named Jenny, who identified herself as being from a call centre. Instantly, I recognised this type of call and interrupted her, asking for the purpose. She informed me that she was calling from British Saving, or something along those lines. Without hesitation, I politely declined her offer and promptly ended the call. Finally, I blocked the number to avoid any further unwanted calls.

I didn't recognize the missed call, so I decided to put it in my list of rejected calls and subsequently blocked it after reading the comments mentioned earlier.

I received a call from 01249704489, but the moment I answered, they abruptly ended the call. I believe it could be either a call centre or a scam. As a precautionary measure, I have categorised it as Dangerous.

I just received a phone call but chose not to answer. It seems my decision to ignore the call was correct.

I've been receiving spam calls, they have called me three times.

I received a call from a overly servile individual of Asian descent who claimed to be conducting research on behalf of Scottish Electric. He persistently asked me personal questions. Sensing some discomfort, I politely ended the conversation by mentioning that I had to go.

I failed to respond.

Unanswered phone call

It appears that I am receiving a call from an individual with an Indian accent who claims to represent a company called British Saver. It is clear that these individuals are attempting to engage in fraudulent activities.

Request for feedback on waste management services. Contact number for Chippenham.

Apologies for not responding earlier.

Unattended phone call

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