01249699993 is a valid (Landline) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 01249. The area code 01249 originates from Chippenham.

This phone number may show up on your Caller ID in any of these formats:

+441249699993+44 1249 69999301249 699993+44-1249-699993

These are the most commonly mentioned words by people commenting about this phone number:

scottish power scotland william bt

This number has recently been searched from Cam (Rhee)(Bedfordshire), Rosewarne(Cornwall) and Torbrex(Stirlingshire).

01249699993 has 24 comments of which 23 x neutral and 1 x negative


User Comments about 01249699993

Scottish Power keeps being repeatedly told that the number is blacklisted, yet they persist in making unwanted calls.

Today, someone called. My mum picked up the phone and they said they were from BT. She asked them to wait, telling them she would pass the phone to me as she could hear children crying in the background. However, they ended the call.

The calls have stopped ringing every day, but they still persist and remain annoying.

Despite having sent a text requesting Scottish Power to stop contacting them, they still received a phone call from one number, and now it seems they are using another number as well, specifically 0131 620 5765. Which part of "I am not interested" don't they understand?

I blocked one of their numbers; however, they have now contacted me using this one - 01249699993.

I blocked them after they mentioned my name and claimed to be Scottish Power.

I am somewhat frustrated with Scottish Power.

I don't answer numbers on my mobile unless I am familiar with them, but I keep receiving calls from this unknown number, xx.

Although I have managed to block some very annoying calls, I am still receiving unwanted calls.

In the evenings, I have a job at Scottish Power where I make calls and occasionally pester people.

Thank you, everyone. I have now blocked the person. I have no idea how they managed to obtain my phone number.

I was asked about my sister, and I'm not sure how they knew her name. It might have been just a coincidence.

Scottish power is a company that provides electricity and gas services in Scotland.

Scottish Power engaging in harassment

I received a call asking for William, but since I am not William, I decided to end the call. I have now blocked the number on my phone.

Scottish Power is a company based in Scotland.

I used to receive multiple calls from a particular number, and every time I answered, they would immediately hang up. Finally, they eventually spoke and started explaining how they could save me money. I listened to their sales pitch and then requested them to call me back on Wednesday evening, which they did not do. However, despite my request, I received three more calls where they once again hung up as soon as I answered. Therefore, I decided to block their number.

I blocked them because they didn't leave a message.

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