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0113005 is not a valid (Unknown) United Kingdom Phone Number. It has a prefix of 0113005.

When this phone number shows up on your Caller ID, it could be in one of these formats:

+440113005+44 01130050113005+44-0113005


Users report receiving calls from this number on various dates in Canada. A few mention receiving a recorded message in a foreign language, while others mention a claim of a lawsuit filed against them. One user notes a caller mentioned something about energy Scotland. Some suspect it is a scam. No positive or detailed interactions were shared by the users.

The most visible words spoken by people discussing this phone number include:

canada haha energy scotland
Number Of Searches: 176 Number Of Comments: 4 First Seen: 25 April 2015 General Reputation: neutral

This number has recently been searched from Fyfett(Somerset), Hatchet Green(Hampshire), Middle Bridge(Somerset), South Flobbets(Aberdeenshire) and Yeo(Devon).

0113005 has 4 comments of which 4 x neutral


User Comments about 0113005

6 years

Please give me a call when you were in Canada on the 22nd of June 2018. Unfortunately, I was unable to answer your call.

6 years

0113005. I am currently in Canada and recently received a missed call from an unfamiliar number: 222279.

6 years

I believe it is a fraudulent attempt. They claimed that someone has filed a lawsuit against me and I am suspicious of their intentions.

9 years

They mentioned that they were giving a call regarding Energy Scotland on Sunday morning.

tagsEnergy Scotland

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